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Wiki Kampftipps

Senash Kasigal

Governor der Dracheninsel
[Dracheninsel] Gildenleitung

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Senash Kasigal

Governor der Dracheninsel
[Dracheninsel] Gildenleitung
Player Guide v R54

Combat Tips
Defeated enemies that have loot for the Avatar will highlight the cursor and reticle green when hovered over, and can be double left-clicked to bring up the loot window. The party that does the most damage to a monster gets first looting privileges. After five minutes, looting opens to anyone. A lone Avatar counts as a party of one.

Numbers indicating damage dealt and received appear over the Avatar and creature’s heads. These can be disabled with the N key, along with health bars and nameplates.

Focus and Health will each will regenerate slowly while you are in combat (with your weapon drawn) and faster when you are out of combat (your weapon is put away).

Your Focus Bar will flash when you are attempting to use a skill without having the required amount of Focus.

Double-tapping one of the ASD keys in Combat Stance will perform an evasive roll.

Archers should pay attention to their movement in combat. Bow and crossbow wielders suffer significant penalties to their attack accuracy while running. These penalties become moderate while walking, and disappear entirely while standing still. Only archery weapons incur these penalties.

Remaining motionless for sufficient time grants a bonus to the Critical Chance of spells and decreases their Focus Cost. These benefits stack the longer you remain motionless, up to a point. Movement breaks this effect, though attacking and even being attacked do not. Only spell glyphs benefit from this effect, not combat glyphs.

Effects that modify movement speed can only stack to a maximum of two in the stack. Both effects are added together.

Enemies prioritize targets based on a variety of factors, but some skills are more likely to draw their focus than others. Armored warriors attempting to hold a monster’s attention will be well served by the Shield Bash and Body Slam skills, while more lightly protected mages should take care with spells like Root and Lightning.

It is possible to dual wield one-handed weapons, but be aware that the Avatar will only attack with their main-handed weapon. Attacking with an off-hand weapon requires skills found in the Tactics tree.

Some creatures are extremely resistant or even immune to certain damage types. For example, Air Elementals aren’t bothered by lightning spells or attacks.

Being behind cover decreases the amount of damage a target will take during combat. Cover is considered any object that blocks, or partially blocks, direct line-of-sight between an attacker and a target.

For each piece of armor you wear that matches the “light” or “heavy” quality of your torso armor, you will gain a 2.5% bonus to the skill tree associated with your torso armor. This bonus applies to the effectiveness of many of the skills in each tree.
  • Example 1: You are wearing leather armor (light armor) on your torso and cloth armor (light armor) on all other armored locations. You receive a bonus of 12.5%.
  • Example 2: You are wearing plate armor (heavy armor) on your torso, a plate helmet (heavy armor) on your head, and cloth armor (light armor) in all other locations. Because your plate helmet is the only heavy armor piece that matches your heavy armor torso piece, you only gain 2.5% bonus.

A note on battling the undead: Undead magi and their Lich masters can use their dark powers to reanimate slain undead. Scholars have noted that undead slain by spells seem more difficult to reanimate, and theorise that hostile magic disrupts the necromantic enchantments holding them together.