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Wiki PoT Management

Senash Kasigal

Governor der Dracheninsel
[Dracheninsel] Gildenleitung
Player-Owned Town Management

PoT Decorations

PoT Decorations Limits

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Senash Kasigal

Governor der Dracheninsel
[Dracheninsel] Gildenleitung
Player Guide v R54

Player-Owned Town Management
Avatars who have purchased one will ultimately find themselves owners and Governors of a Player-Owned Town (POT).

Ownership of a town is displayed next to the town name for all to see. Town ownership comes with a number of additional privileges and responsibilities, most notably control over who can claim what lots within the town. General permissions for the town can be managed from any lot sign, though the “Manage Town Access” option in the Manage Lot Claim dropdown menu.

Residents can claim any lot not specifically set as restricted. Stewards can adjust restrictions on specific lots, evict Avatars from a lot, and grant Avatars resident privileges. Only the town owner can promote someone to Steward, and Stewards cannot affect the owner’s permissions or privileges.

Undesirable individuals can be prevented from entering the town entirely via the Banned tab. Banned Avatars are immediately kicked to the overworld and are unable to re-enter the town. Note that individuals cannot be banned from open-PvP Player-Owned Towns.

Some Player-Owned Towns do not begin with their lots placed. The town owner will find a selection of Property Markers in their bank. These Property Markers may be placed in any sufficiently flat spot in the owner's town, becoming property lots.

Only the town owner and their Stewards may place, move, or remove Property Markers. If a placed lot has already been claimed then the current lot owner must be evicted before the Property Marker can be reclaimed or repositioned. Player-Owned Towns also have a maximum amount of square feet that can be covered by lots, which is displayed on the decoration UI while placing a Properly Marker. Town owners receive the maximum number of Property Markers of each type that will fit in a Metropolis, even if they own a smaller town. [New] Municipality owners are an exception to this, as they will receive some additional markers.

Town owners and Stewards can also set privileges on a lot-by-lot basis via the “Change Lot Reservation” option on the Manage Lot Claim dropdown menu. A lot can be locked so that only residents or a specific Avatar can claim it.

The current holder of the lot can be evicted from the Manage Lot Claim dropdown, returning any deeds to their inventory and any placed decorations to their bank. Inhabitants of a Player-Owned Town should remain aware that their continued lot ownership is dependent on the permissions of the owner and their Stewards.

POT Decorations
Governors of Player-Owned Towns and their Stewards can place select types of decorations anywhere there is sufficient space, much like they can place lots via property markers. This includes a variety of NPC shops and buildings, and other cosmetic decorations like fences, trees, fountains, banners, and statues. Player-Owned Town governors will find markers for their NPC buildings in their bank. Other Player-Owned Town features include generally placeable NPCs and street lights.

POT owners receive a large allotment of special tree and grass remover blocks as an automatic reward that they can claim in their bank. The blocks come in a variety of sizes and are visible while in decoration mode, but invisible otherwise. Their purpose is to remove flora from wherever they are place in the POT. Some removers eliminate trees while others remove both trees and grass. Once a remover block is placed, other decorations can be placed over these removers.

Governors can place special Broadcast versions of the Phonograph decoration in their town. These Broadcast versions can be loaded with wax cylinders and set to play music like a normal phonograph, but will override the default music for the scene and play the Governor’s selected music for the entire town. Broadcast Phonographs can hold more wax cylinders (songs) in larger Player-Owned Towns.

[Includes New] POT Decoration Limits
As with normal lots, there are limits to how many decorations of various types can be placed in a Player-Owned Town. The decoration UI appears when placing a Property Marker, NPC building, or other decoration in your town, filling in appropriate bars to showing you how close to your allotted limit you are. Larger Player-Owned Towns allow more NPC Buildings and other decorations.

Town Size
NPC Buildings
General Decos
Crossroads Village
[New] Municipality
Changing a POT’s Default Spawn Point
Every POT has a default spawn point, which is where players appear when they enter that POT. Owners and Stewards of dynamic Player-Owned Towns can set the spawn point for their POT to a different location.

To change your POT’s spawn location, you (or any player with proper permissions) should access any lot sign within your POT, open its Options menu, and select “Manage Town Spawn Area” to open the the “Town Spawn Selection” window.

In the Town Spawn Selection window, your POT’s current spawn point will be selected in the dropdown list and appear in the map as a blue gate icon. Each time you select a different spawn point in the dropdown list, the blue gate icon will appear at a new target location. You can change your POT’s default spawn location by selecting a new spawn target from the dropdown list and then clicking the “Save Selection” button. If you change your mind, you can return to this window, select a different target, and save your new choice.


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