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Wiki Tod und Auferstehung

Senash Kasigal

Governor der Dracheninsel
[Dracheninsel] Gildenleitung
Tod und Auferstehung

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Senash Kasigal

Governor der Dracheninsel
[Dracheninsel] Gildenleitung
Player Guide v R54

Death and Resurrection
If the Avatar drops to 0 health they will be slain and rise as a wandering spirit. Ghosts cannot communicate or interact with the word of the living, and other creatures simply appear as motes of light. A slain avatar has several options for returning to the life.

One option involves an Avatar seeking out one of many mystical glowing Ankhs scattered across the world. These special Ankhs are visible only as a ghost. The locations of these Ankhs are visible on the compass only when your character is dead. Ankhs glow bright blue/green immediately after death, fading slightly towards gray as time passes and the Avatar approaches automatic resurrection. Moving next to an Ankh will resurrect the Avatar at that spot at full Health after thirty seconds. Approaching an Ankh will display a progress bar of how much time remains before you can be resurrected. Dying repeatedly over a short time increases the time it takes an Ankh to resurrect you.

There are rare Chaos icons in the world that are similar to these Ankhs, although they glow red instead of green and send you to a random location in the same scene when they resurrect you. Be wary of resurrecting at a Chaos icon!

Other Avatars with the appropriate spell may resurrect a slain Avatar at the site of their death. Resurrected Avatars return to life at low Health and Focus, but may resume adventuring where they left off.

Avatars will not remain ghosts indefinitely. When players die, a timer appears to show how long before automatic resurrection will be triggered. If no other action is taken, a slain Avatar will eventually, automatically be resurrected at the entrance to the current scene. This is extremely taxing to mind and body, especially to Avatars who have been in New Britannia longer. A veteran Avatar who is automatically resurrected in this fashion will not only return to life with low Health and Focus, but with a sizable temporary penalty to their stats. The physical shock of resurrecting in this fashion inflicts a 5% durability damage penalty to all equipped items.
  • Helpful Tip: If you’re dead and able to move to a new scene, you’ll be resurrected as you enter the new scene. However, when you resurrect in this manner, you’ll receive the Death Penalty debuff! This debuff affects strength, dexterity, and intelligence for a limited time. It’s best to resurrect before leaving a scene whenever possible.